UNS CO2 Paintball Cylinder - 24 Oz

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CO2 Paintball Cylinder - 24 Oz by Ultum Nature Systems 

Complete your pressurized CO2 system for your planted tank with the UNS CO2 Paintball Cylinder.

This CO2 paintball cylinder features a clean appearance and simple functionality.

The cylinder offers a convenient on and off valve that eliminates the need for a pin valve and prevents accidental tank dumping during installation, making this cylinder a time and cost-effective CO2 solution.

CO2 reserves and depletion rate may vary depending on various external factors such as usage, aquarium plant requirements, and tank size. 


  • Volume: 24 OZ / 1.0L
  • Working Pressure: 124BAR / 1800PSI
  • Test Pressure: 207BAR / 3000PSI
  • Height: 10.8" / 275MM
  • Weight: 1.8LB / 0.82KG
  • Material: AA6061

Note: Sold and shipped empty.
Please fill the bottle at your local welding supply, paintball, or brewery store.  

 This item does not come with the Co2 Regulators as pictured.

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