OASE BioMaster Thermo 250

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Oase BioMaster Thermo 250 External Aquarium Filter
Ideal for use in aquariums up to 70 gallons.

Integrated heater
Provides precise and uniform temperature levels and reduces the amount of equipment seen inside the aquarium by housing the heater in the unit

EasyClean pre-filter module
Module can be removed separately from the rest of the filter. This reduces maintenance, increases filter efficiency, and extends the life of main filter foams. Customize the pre-filter with coarse 30 ppi, fine 45 ppi, ultra-fine 60 ppi, and activated carbon 45 ppi filter foams

No mess maintenance
Integrated safety locking features on the handle, pre-filter, and check valve in the inlet/outlet connection unit, ensure no accidental spillage or messy maintenance

Sealed filtration pathways
Allows for the full benefits of all four stages of filtration through this intuitive design

Hel-X Biomedia
An extremely large protected settlement surface (800m²/1000 liter) that allows beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive. The material is designed to stop floating as soon as it reaches a certain level of bacteria colonization.

Carbon pre-filter foams
Activated carbon absorbs unwanted substances in aquarium water. Carbon filter foams make replacement much simpler than using common granular carbon.

Adjustable flow control
Flow can be adjusted for the inlet and outlet in multiple locations on the filter assembly

Easy priming
Includes simple priming for fast and easy startup and continued operation

Fresh and marine
Compatible with both fresh and saltwater aquariums

Quiet operation
Sound dampening design

Backed by the best warranty in the industry!
3 year warranty plus 1 year warranty extension with online registration!

All Oase products are fully in compliance with Canadian electrical safety standards and are cULs certified!

What’s in the Box?

Aquarium Filter with an integrated heater, four carbon pre-filter foams, one 30 ppi filter foam, two 20 ppi filter foams, Hel-X Biomedia, intake tube with inlet strainer, water distributor nozzle, spray bar, inlet and outlet adapters with flow control, tubing, fittings, heater adapter, and power cables

Made in Italy, backed by German engineering

How to choose the right filter for your tank?
Here is a great video by Green Aqua to help you with that!
Dimensions  9.4 x 9.4 x 14.6H in.
Net Weight  11.5 lbs.
Rated Voltage  120V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption of the Filter  15 Watts
Power Consumption of the Heater  150 Watts
 Power Cord Length  6 ft.
Max. Flow Rate  250 GPH
Max. Head Height  5.6 ft.
Connection  5/8 in. ID  (16/22 mm)
Tubing Length  13 ft.
Filter Volume  1.2 Gallons
Pre-filter Volume  0.11 Gallons
Suitable for Max. Aquarium Volume  70 Gallons
Box Weight and Dimensions  15 x 12 x 17H in at 16 lbs.

Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Hands down best cannister filter on the market.

I love the features of the Biomaster Thermo. The integrated heater helps reduce the clutter in the tank to keep everything clean looking. Pair it with some Aquario clear outflow/inflow pipes and your scape will clutter free and have that beautiful "ADA" look.

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