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DOOA Terra Base

Terra Base is a ceramic tube designed for growing small orchids, ferns, moss in a similar way they are growing in nature. The Terra Base is intended to resemble a trunk of a tree in a rainforest. Because of the ceramic cylindrical body, water oozes little by little on the surface.

Moderate humidity gradients, suitable for various types of epiphytes
As the water content decreases, the upper part of the Terra Base becomes dry and the lower part becomes wet, creating a humidity gradient. Identifying the characteristics of epiphytes and attaching them to suitable locations is the key point for being successful growing plants on Terra Base.

The cooling effect of the heat of vaporization to suppress surface temperature rise
Cloud forests in the tropical highlands are humid and cool. For this reason, some epiphytes such as small orchids that naturally grow in such environments are not doing when at temperature rises. Ceramic (unglazed) Terra Base creates a cool surface environment by the heat of vaporization effect.

Make Terra Base
Just wrap your favorite epiphyte on the surface of the Terra Base and put it in a Neo Glass Air, where humidity can be easily adjusted. If you place the tank close to a window with bright direct sunlight, you will not need an additional source of light.

Fixing plants on Terra Base
Moss Cotton is suitable for winding mosses, and Riccia Line is suitable for fixing ferns and epiphytic orchids. Use both threads and wrap the plants around Terra Base. Then just put it in the aquarium tank and pour water into the Terra Base.

Daily maintenance of Terra base
You only have to refill the water in the tank when the water in the Terra Base is depleted, at that time also add nutrients with Wabikusa Mist

DOOA Terra Line

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