Aquario Neo Outlet

Size: Neo Outlet M (Fits 12/16)
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Aquario Neo Outlet (Add-on piece for Aquario Neo Flow Pipe)
Introducing Aquario Neo Lily Outlet! The most innovative aquarium product of 2022!
Most efficient water flow relief device

Small but powerful function

You can adjust the water flow direction to 360 degrees

It can significantly reduce the speed of water compared to other lily pipe
It's much smaller than the other lily pipe

The speed of water is adjustable by removing and attaching small parts.

Compatible with Neo skimmer!

Available in 2 sizes 

Neo Outlet M 
(For Neo Flow 12/16mm Outer Diameter 13mm)

Neo Outlet L
(For Neo Flow 16/22mm Outer Diameter 17mm)

This is an add-on piece for Aquario Neo Flow (Sold separately)

Available Replacement Parts & Accessories
Neo Flow 
Neo Mesh
Neo Holder
Neo Skimmer
Neo Reliever
Made in Korea.

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