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Neo Media Premium is the world's highest quality filter media
made by complementing the disadvantages of existing filter media.

All-New, premium version of the original famous Aquario Neo Media.
Neo Media Premium is manufactured at high temperatures using
natural materials produced in Korea.
Made in Korea

Surface area: about 3,200 ㎡/liter

The filter medium must provide a large space for a variety of bacteria to live.
This is because the filtration space is limited and the filtration efficiency must be maximized in the limited space.
(For compression Seachem Matrix has a surface area of only 700 ㎡/liter and Eheim Substrate Pro at only 550 ㎡/liter!)

Various sizes of pore

Pores of various sizes provide a space for a variety of bacteria to live, and these bacteria create a bacterial ecosystem inside the filter media.
The bacterial ecosystem built inside Neo Media Premium keeps the filtration cycle stable.

Smooth flow of water

Based on the technology of Aquario, we created a fine but unobstructed pore inside of Neo Media Premium.
This allows the water to flow smoothly into the deep interior of the filter media and provides sufficient nutrients and oxygen to the nitrobacteria.


If the strength of the filter media is low, the filtration efficiency is low and the period of use of the filter media is short.
On the other hand, Neo Media Premium is manufactured at high temperatures to maintain adequate strength.

5 step manufacturing process

1, mixture 2.Primary molding 3. Secondary molding 4. Drying Process 5. High-temperature processing
It was kept at a certain temperature for a long time to uniformize the quality of the pores.

Available in
Neo Media - PURE (neutral, for all aquariums. Does not alter the PH)
Neo Media - SOFT (slightly acidic, for plants, shrimp, Amazon fish)
Neo Media - HARD (slightly alkaline for marine, African fish)

Please note that this is the NEW updated Premium version of the famous original  Aquario Neo Media.

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