Aquario Neo Inlet Mesh

Size: Neo Inlet Mesh M (Fits 12/16)
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Aquario Neo Inlet Mesh (Add-on piece for Aquario Neo Flow Pipe)
Introducing Aquario Neo Inlet Mesh! 

The new Aquario Neo Inlet Mesh has arrived in North America for the first time! Order yours today!

With its minimalist design, Neo Inlet Mesh prevents shrimp and baby fish from being sucked into the filter.

It's time to change those ugly green and gray pipes!

Compact design
Unlike sponge and stainless inlet, it is made of transparent PETG material, so it does not spoil the aesthetics of the tank.
Safety net for shrimp and baby fish
400ea, 1mm holes are precisely drilled to prevent the sucking of shrimp and baby fish.


Transparency may decrease over time.
There are scratches during the manufacturing process, and more may occur in the future.
Please contact the place of purchase for compatibility with other inlet ports.

Available in 2 sizes 

Neo Inlet Mesh M 
(For Neo FLow 12/16mm Outer Diameter 13mm)

Neo Inlet Mesh L
(For Neo FLow 16/22mm Outer Diameter 17mm)

This is an add-on piece for Aquario Neo Flow (Sold separately)

Available Replacement Parts & Accessories
Neo Flow 
Neo Holder
Neo Reliever

Neo Skimmer
Neo Inlet Mesh

Made in Korea.

    Customer reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Jay Shaw (Canada)
    Mesh inlet

    Good quality

    Sarah Brandt (Canada)

    I love the modular take to the neo flow lily pipes. This inlet guard is great for protecting shrimp and small fry which would otherwise be sucked up with the regular inlet that the normal and premium kits come with. Love it!

    Anonymous (Canada)
    Inlet Mesh

    Protects shrimp without compromising flow. Nice.

    Ian Kaye (Australia)
    Great for shrimp

    This addition to the Neo flow is perfect for shrimp keepers. Because of the small holes in will require regular cleaning but that’s ok if you do regular maintenance like you should!

    Anonymous (Canada)
    Invisible shrimp live saver.

    Transaction went smooth, product quality exceeded my expectations, fast shipping was really appreciated. I really liked the Aquario Neo inlet mesh as it's practically invisible on the filter Inlet tube.

    I agree that transparency will face after time, but if you don't scratch while washing your inlet tubing then it will last langer. I wash the outlet and inlet tubings leaving them seat for 10min with some Chlorine solution, then I wash with regular water, and after
    I submerge them again with some Seachem Prime to neutralize some Chlorine residues. No need to scrath unless you have accumulated some algae for longer period of times. But Chlorine solution usually takes care of that.

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