Aquario Neo Co2 Diffuser Special Extended

Size: Small (up to 10 gallons)
Sale price$30.99


Aquario Neo Co2 Diffuser Special Extended 

The Neo diffuser from Aquario features microscopically small holes resulting in very fine and thorough bubble diffusion.

The micro bubbles produced allows for better CO2 dissolution in your water column, effectively allowing aquatic plants to absorb CO2 properly.

Sleek and sturdy, the Neo Diffuser is made from transparent acrylic and is not easily broken when performing aquarium maintenance.

Similar to other diffusers, users are able to place it in the corner of a planted aquarium securely with the provided suction cup.

Aquario Neo Extended versions can be heat bended over the rim of your tank!
Please watch the video at the end of this description on how to do it!

Product Features:
  • Full improvement (angel, joint, length, diffusion area)
  • Reduction of back-flow pressure
  • Smaller bubble than existing products
  • Hard-to-break, elastic PC (poly-carbonate) pipe
  • Overall length of 38 Cm (15 inches)

Available in 3 sizes
Small (up to 10 gallons)
Medium (10-30 gallons)
Large (30+ gallons)

Larger diffusers can be used in smaller tanks.


Meet the Aquario Neo Diffuser Family.

Important Notes:
  • Ideal working pressure is 10-30 PSI (Higher pressure might damage the diffuser)
  • Attach the diffuser to your regulator and slowly increase the pressure to your desired level to avoid damaging your diffuser.
  • Soak it in slightly warm water (NOT BOILING) for 30 minutes before use to produce smaller bubbles.
  • When bubbles begin getting larger, put it in bleach solution (1 part bleach 10 part water) for 10 minutes and wash with water several times removing all the bleach inside before use.

    Please watch the following video on how to bend your Aquario Neo Extended version.
    We do highly recommend you to practice on the provided sample peaces before attempting to bend your diffuser. 

  • Note: Heat gun at lower to medium settings, produces cleaner bent joint over an actual flame.

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