Aqualex Premium Enzyme Powder (Magic Powder)

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Aqualex Premium Enzyme Powder by SL-AQUA (AKA magic powder) will increase beneficial bacteria in the shrimp tank. Used regularly to ensure good water quality and stability, maintains good health, aids digestion, protects the digestive tract, improves feeding efficiency, and increases survival rates drastically.

Enzyme Powder is a bacteria and enzyme products that promotes the growth of microfauna and beneficial bacteria in the water and the shrimp’s digestive tract. Will also improve water quality and supports your shrimp’s digestive system.

Spread on the soil when setting up new tank.
The dosage can be increased when you have more shrimps.
It is not recommended to keep the food in a refrigerated and damp area.

Availble in
Aqualex Premium Enzyme Powder 40g

Made in Taiwan

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