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ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen is a liquid fertilizer supplying nitrogen to planted aquarium.

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant growth and insufficient nitrogen can cause poor growth of aquatic plants.

Daily application of ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen helps enhance leaf colors and promotes plant growth. In addition, spraying ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen on the surface of Aqua Soil during substrate set-up is beneficial for better growth of aquatic plants.

This product does not contain phosphate (PO4) which causes algae growth.

For supplementation of nitrogen, apply one push (1ml) of ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen for every 20l of aquarium water daily.

It is effective to add ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen when the lighting is ON. If there is a large amount of aquatic plants in the tank, increase the amount to approximately 2-3 times the standard dose.

Spraying on Aqua Soil
During the substrate set-up, spray ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen on flattened Aqua Soil surface (dry) using a spray bottle.

Spray GREEN BRIGHTY NITROGEN (about 50ml) for 30x30 (cm) substrate area. After spraying, let it stand for about 15-30 minutes until the sprayed liquid fertilizer fully seeps inside Aqua Soil before wetting the substrate with water, and planting aquatic plants.

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ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen - 180 ml
ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen - 300 ml

Made in Japan

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