2x3 Inch Rectangle Ledges With Suction Cups For Moss/Rhizome Plants

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2x3 Inch Rectangle Ledges With Suction Cups

Here at Rad Aquatic Design we are proud to present our first line of aquarium accessories designed and manufactured here in Canada.

Our ledges are made with highest quality clear cast acrylic available in market and attached with custom made suction cups fabricated with food safe PVC and medical grade silicone that are aquarium safe and durable.

Use of clear acrylic and small yet strong clear suction cup (can hold up to 10 pounds!) that is located behind the ledge (rather than on the bottom or top) has produced a clean and almost transparent product that will disappear in the background and will help you to achieve cleaner and professional looking aquarium and aquascape!

Great for aquascaping, shrimp tanks or simply if you want to cultivate your moss/rhizome plants!

Bucephalandra Sp Red attached to Rad Aquatics Acrylic Ledge, look at those roots!

Available in
2x3 Inch Rectangle Ledge (Pack of 1) $5.49
2x3 Inch Rectangle Ledge (Pack of 3) $16.49

2x3 Inch Rectangle Ledge (Pack of 6) $29.99

2x3 Inch Rectangle Ledge (Pack of 20) $89.99

More sizes and packaging options to come in future! Wholesale business to business available.

Made in Canada

Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
olga sboychakova (Canada)

Good suction, stays in place. Enough space to put the plants on. For more it is a but large, to make moss ball probably a round smaller one would be better- this one creates something similar to a moss ledge.

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